Hello Everyone  :-)

Having been refused at least 4 times by the biggest specialist cancer Insurers lately and quoted an extortionate rate of almost £200 by All Clear for a 7 day trip to spain???? and who by the way didn't seem to know what they were talking about, to some other companies who were quite frankly rude when I could tell they were reading from an Automated message to tell me, sorry I cannot help you any further today........:-(  Oh and refuse to tell you why!  Not nice at all, but I know the reason, they just don't want to say it!   CUP!

Cancer with an unknown primary is one of the hardest Cancers to get any Insurance cover for! 

Most Companies won't touch you once they know the Cancer has spread from an Unknown Primary which is very common for people with Head & Neck Cancer

I had an Unknown Primary but the Specialist strongly suspected it started at the back of the throat somewhere near the tonsil which then moved to my lymph Nodes in the Neck.  I had a Right Neck Dissection and had 60 Lymph Nodes removed, 15 were found to be cancerous.  I had 2 rounds of 8 hour Chemo and 30 days of Radiation.

I completed All treatment in September 2019 and now only have to have 4 monthly check ups as an outpatient with the cameras and I'm on my way home :-) 

SO:-  For Insurance purposes, I have been cancer free (having had it removed) for over 2 years, 3 in September.  I'm Insured at the 1-3 years Cancer free Rate.

Yesterday, I contacted Aviva, mostly known for their Brilliant Car Insurance, I know it's brilliant as that's when you really know the true worth of an Insurance Company when you have to make a claim right?  :-)  which I've had to do with them in the past and they were Amazing.

So...  gave me FULL Comprehensive Travel Insurance with extra Luggage Cover for 7 nights at the total cost of £64.50  I received my travel documents immediately via email and the paper documents will arrive in the post within a few days.

The Documents are clear and precise of the exact documented Cancer Cover.

The staff were amazing, friendly, efficient and professional especially 'Mohammed' and 'Suzanne'  I will NEVER bother with another Insurance company again, I will be straight back to Aviva for a trip I may want to book for October this year otherwise I would have got an annual policy which I can still purchase in October if I decide to go.

They make sure you have all the relevant telephone numbers you need for when you travel e.g.

Aviva UK Claims telephone number

Aviva Emergency Assist 24 Hour Number for outside UK

Aviva Customer Services Number UK

I cannot tell you the relief of obtaining this Insurance for my forthcoming trip next month.

Here is the link Guys, just give them a ring, you'll be in safe hands :-)  Oh and no, I don't work for them ha ha

If anyone else gets the perfect service I've just received then I'll be happy, just wanted to spread some good news for a change :-)



  • Hi

    That's such great news to read and thanks very much for taking the time to start a post in this group about your recommendation.

    Could I ask a favour of you and that's to copy and paste your post from here into the recommended travel insurance thread please.

    I hope you have a lovely holiday.


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  • Hi Gill,

    I have just seen your post after myself struggling to get Travel Insurance ,the Insurance Co I went with was recommended by someone on this site when I looked last month (Insurancewith) I then went to book with them for a family holiday this week thinking as they had insured me for a single trip for this June that I should be able to get Insurance with them for this trip ,they actually told me that they could not insure me and have revoked my original Insurance because I am on pain patches ,which was disclosed to them at the point of arranging the insurance I am know left with No insurance for my upcoming holiday, I have paid for holidays with the understanding I was insurable. I have not but family and friends have called and gone online to look for me as I have been too stressed to do so and im either unsurable or the amounts are through the roof £300 + for a single trip ,I can not believe the costs for insurance because of cancer ,its staggering that the insurance companies are making so much money out of peoples diagnosis when as a cancer sufferer you just want to make memories with loved ones and should not be penalised for this as I bet the percentage of actual claims would be low as no one would travel if they were not well enough to do so. I will give Aviva a call and hope that they can help as It will be reassuring to speak to an Insurance company who understands as everyone's case is totally different ,so thank you Gill so glad you posted your experience and fingers crossed I get Insurance.

  • Hiya

    I just tried, but it doesn't let you copy and paste?  :-(  

  • Hiya

    You are very welcome, If it gets just 1 more person comprehensive cover at a reasonable price then I'll be happy :-)  It's a nightmare and these companies are taking advantage of people!  They did ask me if I was on any pain medication but I'm not, so not sure if that will be a deciding factor with Aviva

    However, they were Amazing and wonderful to deal with, sounds like the staff are not trained properly at Insurancewith and so many other Travel Insurance companies I've had to deal with, you can just tell they don't care.

    I assure you, this was not the case with Aviva

    Outstanding Service :-)  I wish you the best with it, please post back if you get sorted with them :-)

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    I hope this helps.


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  • Just managed to follow your instructions and successfully copy and paste it to recommended travel Insurance thread. sorry it took me so long, I'm having a Blonde/Bridget Jones day! :-D  Really hoping it helps lots of people

  • Oh dear, I just tried to check it and it looks like it pasted in the same place?  I dare not try to do it again, I'm so sorry :-0

  • Hi Gill,

    They could not offer me Annual cover  :( I have a few trips booked I do not want to go through the same process over and over for every trip its exhausting. Thanks anyhow 

  • Don't worry , I've just asked the admin team to move it.


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  • Awe, Latchbrook you are an Angel, Thank you so much, I'm utterly useless ha ha