Insurance cover usa

Just had a good call with,  questions were directly related to prostrate cancer and it’s risks rather than generic questions.

I was told to ring within 4/6 weeks of travelling, they’ll then contact oncologist for specific details and tailored quote. Believe quote will be more reasonable so  fingers crossed Fingers crossed 

  • Hello YoungMan, if you're some time since treatment you might try Staysure - I received a good quote from them in early November for annual worldwide before a US trip for a month returning just before Christmas. I queried with them if routine PSA tests are a problem and they confirmed for me that they are not.

    Maybe worth a try?

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  • Hi YoungMan.

    That's good to hear. I'm heading over beginning of April for 5 weeks and will keep this company in mind. When are you going and will you update how you get on? Thanks.