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Good afternoon folks, 

I've had a look through previous posts for travel insurance, I've also tried a few of the recommendations given on here too.. 

My own insurance through my Bank of Scotland has said no as has many other companies, the ones that have quoted me are silly money.. Quotes from £1600 - £3500 for a week away to Lanzarote this year!!!... Almost makes think about going unisured so my wife and son can have a well deserved holiday..

I'm half way through Immunotherapy after melinoma of my upper palet, it's all sorted, ops done and a year's worth of Immunotherapy, theres a small growth in my lung due to slight migration from original melinoma site. 

I'm being honest with all insurance companies but I can't possibly pay that amount of money which is actually dearer than the hoilday itself,  the cancer itself is not going to cause me any bother, but if say I tripped and broke my leg or required hospital treatment etc... Would my current insurance be void if I kept it as it was???..

Anyone been in this situ??

It's going to be that way or I get my wife's mother, sister to go with them on holiday as I want them to go on holiday to relax... Obviously my wife says no way, it's us or no hols..

Kind of get the guilt as they've been through so much in the last year 

  • Hi and a very warm welcome to the online community

    I'm sorry to read how much of a problem finding reasonably priced travel insurance is for you. 

    Like you I had melanoma but I didn't need further treatment, other than having a WLE, as no further cells were found in the SLNB. My diagnosis was 5 years ago and I did initially find that travel insurance was a lot more expensive. I must admit though that I didn't consider going abroad without insurance.

    As for your question of whether your insurer would pay out if something unrelated to the melanoma happened to you, my honest answer is that I don't know. However, they may use the fact that you hadn't informed them of your pre-existing medical condition to refuse a pay out.

    It might be an idea to post your question in the ask a financial guide section of the online community. If this is something that you'd like to do clicking on the link I've created will take you straight there.

    It would be great if you could pop back and let us all know what they say.

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  • I am with Nationwide under their bank account scheme.  They will cover me for all eventualities outside of anything directly related to my cancer - I am in the same place as you knowing that if I am away then I can quite easily return at the end of my holiday for treatment for my cancer at this stage.  I will only book last minute so the risk of having to cancel for cancer treatment is minimised.   Have you actually discussed with the bank team?

  • Hello Dieselkop,

    First, you're doing exactly the right thing by being straight with insurance companies to avoid any problems if you ever need to claim.

    If you are considering relying on the cover provided by Bank of Scotland you need to talk to them (or the insurer they use) to disclose full details of your condition and treatment programme so as not to invalidate cover altogether. If they are still not prepared to cover your cancer but are willing to just exclude anything directly related to it, ask to see the wording of their exclusion - if you remain unsure ask hypothetical questions such as about tripping and breaking your leg. Get their response in writing so you have proof of their intention.

    It's not easy but it is essential for you and them to fully understand what is being provided.

    I do hope you can get this sorted and can take your holiday.

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  • Hi, thanks for your reply and thanks for the welcome..

    I've read through some of the replies and it looks like I'm best contacting my Bank initially, I've had family annual multi trip with them for years, I just went through the update details and I siiad xoukd no longer insure me.. 

    I'll give them a call instead of box checking. 

    Thanks again. 

  • Thank you for this, will definitely contact them over the phone.. Hadn't thought about that as just fine the box ticking, I've been with them for Annual multi trip for years via bank account perks. 

    Thank you. 

  • Thank you for this, yes I'll contact them direct, I just done the online update box tick and got discouraged... Stared looking at other sites. 

    It's the Bank perks via the account I have.. See what they come up with.. 

    Will let you know, thanks again Thumbsup

  • Yes, I agree that contacting your existing insurers would be a great starting point and I hope you'll be pleasantly surprised. Do come back and let us know how you get on.


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