Travel Insurance and Prostate Cancer

I have advanced metastatic prostate cancer, originally diagnosed 2013 with a Gleason of 7 and PSA of 147 this was confined to prostate and treated with 37 sessions of radiotherapy and Zolodex implants, reducing PSA to less than 0.1. Cancer spread to right scapula in 2020 and was treated with 2 sessions of Stereotactic Radio Therapy. April 2021 saw a recurrence in right scapula and spread to Groin, left femur, right hip and one vertebra, Currently back on Zolodex, after 3 implants PSA has reduced from 11.5 to 0.1. 

Quotes for travel insurance for a Cruise has proved expensive with some declining to quote (one company was not quoting for cruises due to the current Covid situation!!!!).

Does anyone have any recommendations they could share of insurance companies or brokers that will provide a sensible quote.

Insurers will not take a PSA of 0.1 into account, stating that due to the spread they would only accept a scan confirming the reduction in size or number of locations infected. Oncologists will not scan a cancer patient such as me who's cancer in under biochemical control with a PSA of 0.1 which they consider an accurate marker of disease activity.

I have thought about paying for a private scan but discounted it as an option not as result of the cost, but more importantly I really could not justify it when there are people who need the scan for serious medical conditions.

Thank you

  • HarryO,

    There's an insurance directory a few posts down the list form yours if you haven't seen it, this might turn something up. I've also seen other posts from people who have said MIA are sometimes a good provider of cover for cancer sufferers, if you haven't tried any of these it might be worth a try?

    Otherwise, I appreciate your concerns about taking up resources for a scan but perhaps this will end up being your only option if you continue to get refusals to quote - I guess it all depends on how important a holiday is for you.

    I really hope you can make some progress you are happy with.

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