is a sister company of Staysure

Hi everyone

I know travel insurance for us cancer people is a huge problem.

So today I learned that the Paying Too Much company is the sister company of Staysure.

Through them (after Staysure couldn’t price match) I have got an annual policy with zero excess and unlimited medical cover, Covid cover and all the other necessaries, for £250.

I thought that was a good price considering my husband and I both finished cancer treatment in the last 2 years.

Hope this helps someone.

  • Hi

    That's great that you've been able to get an annual policy with and thanks very much for taking the time to recommend them.

    I wondered if you would have the time to copy and paste your post into the recommended travel insurance thread so others searching that thread will see your recommendation.

    It's interesting to know that is a sister company to Staysure. I have also recently taken out insurance with them to cover an upcoming holiday for both my husband and I and was very impressed with both the price and the fact that when I needed clarification the person on the other end of the phone seemed very knowledgeable.

    Hope you have some memorable trips


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