Existing Travel insurance declined when informing them of new diagnosis

My wife was recently diagnosed with stage 3b N2 rectal cancer and is due to start chemo next week. We had three cruises booked between now and next summer and the first was a mini cruise on Queen Mary 2 at the end of the month. The Oncologist thought we could fit it in between treatments. Cunard said they were happy so long as we had a ‘fit to fly’ letter. I phoned the Insurers (we had taken the policy out for a year six months ago including cruise cover plus) to inform them of the Cancer diagnosis and they said it was declined! 

i don’t understand how they can just cancel our policy as we already had it in place longbefore the cancer diagnosis.

we have already paid £9000 to Cunard for a Canaries cruise in June which we have paid in full (still would have been covered by our existing policy)  Surely they have to cover the cost of cancelling that cruise?

  • I'm not an insurance expert, but providing the level of your cover actually covers the costs you have already incurred then if they cancel they should reimburse you as you anticipate.  Just they will not cover any new bookings and will not support you actually travelling on existing bookings based on the changed circumstances.  If in doubt you can always take to the ombudsman.

  • Oh I see, thanks. In that case I should be OK