Skin cancer

Does anyone have a nationwide travel insurance policy?

Do you know  if they will cover skin cancer ?

  • Hello Bad Black Cat

    My husband has a travel insurance with his Nationwide account, if that is what you mean. They would not offer cover for my brain tumour, even though I have had no treatment for several years. If it is the cover you get for free for holding an account they are withdrawing the cover for all customers (I think it was at the end of this year). If you are playing the monthly fee for their account I think their wording is that they will not cover any pre-existing conditions unless explicitly accepted. 

    I think you would need to ring them and ask if the policy would be suitable. 

    Good luck

  • I have the FlexPlus account and have just confirmed my insurance with them for a USA trip.  It is all done online now - if you try and ring they just tell you the website and cut the line...  Anyway, I have a recent successfully treated H&N cancer.  The FlexPlus insurance has declined me for H&N cancer related issues, but covered me for all other events.

    As I am a) booking last minute and b) confident that any cancer issues that may arise will not mean me curtailing my holiday once it has started I am happy with this arrangement as the financial risk is very low to me.  Not everybody will be comfortable.

    Hope this helps.