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I have had Kidney cancer which was treated by having the affected (right) kidney removed. I subsequently have 6 monthly scans to check for any re-occurrence. Unfortunately after about a year it did reoccur in my (right) adrenal gland which I have now also had removed. I am back to the 6 monthly CT scans.

I feel as if I do not have cancer, it has been cut out. I accept that may be an over-simplification.

As long as I travel within the 6 monthly periods I don't really understand why I cannot get travel insurance without cancer cover. The next time I know I have cancer is when the 6 monthly scan tells me I have. I have not been able to find any insurers who will to provide cover like this, does anyone know of any?

I feel that when I was 'young free and single' getting insurance was all about getting the cheapest policy available but now I'm older and have medical conditions it is vital to get cover that suitably covers any needs I may have. A couple of years ago I 'bought' a policy from the Post Office for Spain and when I had a problem they told to access the Spanish NHS (which worked very well) but left me wondering what I had paid the Post Office for!

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    That's great news that you're currently free of cancer but, as you've found, it can be more difficult to find reasonably priced insurance when you've had a cancer diagnosis.

    I don't know if you've had chance to look through the 'recommended travel insurance' thread yet, as it's where the majority of recommendations from other forum members are. If not, clicking on the link I've created will take you straight there. 

    I think some members of the group have reported that they have been able to get cover that doesn't include cover for their cancer but if you opt for this you must remember that you won't be covered for anything linked to your cancer diagnosis.

    I have recently been getting quotes myself and one of the questions that is asked is whether you have had a cancer diagnosis in the last so many years. As my diagnosis was just under 5 years ago the ones that only ask for details if my diagnosis was in the last 2 years are obviously a lot cheaper than those who ask if I've had a cancer diagnosis in the last 5 years. I guess what you're looking for is someone who doesn't want to know about a cancer diagnosis more recently than 6 months ago but from my experience I don't think you'll find any insurer that does that.

    I do hope that you can get some reasonably priced insurance and do come back and let me know who you went with in the end.


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  • I have struggled to get any travel insurance, I have tried online, I have tried calling and I have tried going via a broker.

    I have has success with 2 companies. will give me either a one time policy (2 weeks) or an annual policy for roughly the same price £1800 will give me a policy but it is roughly the same price but they will not allow me annual policy.

    I have mixed emotions about all this - but at the end of the day I am just glad that I can get insurance. 

  • I'm really pleased that you have been able to get travel insurance . Everyone in the group, myself included, would probably wish that it was cheaper but, as you say, at least it means we can go on holiday Slight smile


    What is a Community Champion?

     "Never regret a day in your life, good days give you happiness, bad days give you experience"