Total confusion

Hi everyone, hope your all keeping well.

I'm so confused right now. My dad is 77 and has terminal cancer, pretty much everything from lungs to bowel. he started his first round of chemo which hit him really hard, he went into hospital 2 weeks ago for a check up, and they kept him in. All seemed ok, but then a few days later on the Monday we were told to come in to see him as the doctors thought he wasn't going to last the day. He looked absolutely dreadful, grey and quite unresponsive. But he made it through. Then everyday gradually got a bit better.

Today is Sat, and he's sitting up in bed eating and drinking, making jokes with the nurses. He's never drank fizzy drinks but it's now craving them, is it for the sugar? But then, he's not quite the same, at times he's so confused, gets really frustrated, forgets who we are and even sees things in the room that aren't there. The doctors and nurses say he is still very ill and this is all part of the dying process.

But I'm so confused, how can he be at deaths door then recover to, what I think, is a good state, but then the doctors disagree. I just can't work out what's going on?

Thank you for reading my ramblings

Kind regards

  • Hi OatMonster

    I am sorry to read this and to see that you have not had a response since writing on here on Saturday. Due to the nature of your post, before I give my thoughts, are you able to provide us with an update?

    Thinking of you


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