...so where did July go? but an August SCT welcome.

A very warm welcome to everyone who joined the SCT Forum during July and although we are sorry to see you joining us you will find this corner of the Online Community very supportive as we 'totally get' the Stem Cell Transplant journey.

I see the SCT journey to be like a Rollercoaster in the dark with no seat belts but the forum members have all been on this ride so for you, our first hand experience could be a great resource.

You may have joined us just to have a look at the forum posts and this is great, but if we can help, you are more than welcome to post on this thread or better still start your very own thread by going to the top of the page and hit 'Start a Discussion' and we will do our very best to answers your questions.

Some simple information in your profile helps those who just want to look for information but also helps give context to any answers you get to threads you may start or get involved in.

Please get back to us with any questions you have.

  • Thank you Mike. I’ve Just joined this group and also been admitted today to start my allo journey. It’s been very helpful to read through posts on here as I had no idea what to expect  and this has come around so fast! Extremely anxious but great to have this helpful forum :0)

  • It is great to have you with us. As you say we can only give you an idea what the journey can look like but you do need to expect the unexpected ;) but most of the unexpected one of us have been through it.

    Have they told you if your are having Melphalan as part of your chemo to take down your immune system? If so could I recommend that if they don't tell you/offer you ice poles to suck 30mins before, during and 30 mins after the treatment I would arrange for a stick as doing this will help stop your mouth turning into one big ulcer!!!! :( 

    We are always around to help out x