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Hi    Kevin   ( Vespa)   i am   working up a list of things to take in to  hospital with me  for my SCT   coming very soon  i know i have seen previous posts on  advice  of things to take in,      soft tooth brush,       ice lollies,  pineapple   etc   but  i   would be happy for any advice    for  suggestions,    as  i need to get the shopping in soon  ! Slight smile


  • Hi  I did not take in much food items as the food in my SCT unit was surprisingly good. My wife did take in a lot of ambrosia rice and custard. I often had 2 chocolate magnums every day. I did not eat sweets but did eat lots of nuts…… the important thing is not to take in ant ‘favourite’ stuff as you may find you go off it once you are out……. I now can’t touch ambrosia rice and custard + magnums.

    I will put these links in just for reference (zi think you have seen them)

    Top tips for stem cell transplants

    Checklist for SCT Unit

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  • Hi Kevin,

    I didn’t have much of an appetite following my SCT. I was advised to eat high calorie snacks (if you can stomach them). Chocolate, ice cream etc, anything to keep your calorie count up and which the hospital allow in. The hospital may also give you build up/complan drinks. Other stuff to take in: phone, tablet, charger. Your own pillows and quilt (if allowed). Books, magazines, puzzles. If I think of anything else I will add to the list. Wishing you lots of luck with your treatment.


  • Hi Kevin , so glad to hear you are one step nearer the transplant line

    Not food items but just reflections on my transplant last April.Hope they may be of some use ..

    I found the time between harvest and transplant a strange time .Off the  treadmill  of weekly treatments and bloods but eager yet hesitant to get on with the transplant stage .

    I have always found hospitals hot but boy my transplant room was chilly .Think it was the special ventilation in the isolation room .

    My advice would be to take a couple light weight full zip fleeces that are easy on and off because you may be hooked up to IV lines alot of the time, . Also a big bonus was a long lead charger for my pad It enabled me to keep in touch with my family with ease especially my daughter in Australia .Great contact for me and her on a daily basis .

    Good luck with everything  



  • thank You Joy    

  • thank you Sue  ( Cakie)    good advice,  on the fleece,  just told  Mrs Kevin,   she said get it out and i will   wash it  :)

    Re  Cakie,  you just like cake?     or a deeper story?    as i have been in Industrial Bakery product  development  for most of my life and have developed cakes, and doughnuts,  brownies,  etc   in most parts of the UK  EU  and Mid /east        "if you want one cake,  dont ask me ,  if you want  10,000  per hour,  i am your man! "     Kevin

  • Hi Kevin , not very deep I'm afraid .I was opening this account and  full of steroids , you will know the feeling ! 

    Every name I came up with was taken and I became very frustrated with it. I had just been baking with my Grandaughters , we had made a cake and were enjoying it . On a whim I put in Cakie and it was accepted so it stayed as that  . No way could I attempt any baking on the scale you have done ! 

    I'm just outside Aberdeen on beautiful Deeside , lucky to have family round about me and a daughter , son in law and 3 grandchildren in Melbourne . 


  • Now the area v well.   We lived in Montrose for a few years.  And I worked for a company in Glenbervie for 14 years!!!     But lived down in England as a technical guy most of the time.   Got two sons in. Australia.  1 Sydney city.    1 2 hours away     we lived in Brisbane.most of the 80,s  and became Australian   Citizens ,   So whole family got dual citizenship.        Take care.    Kevin