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Hi All,

My husband is due to go to Leeds for a SCT on Friday. We feel a bit unprepared and are unsure what to pack. We live 2hours away so it is a 4 hour trip back to get anything that we have forgotten. 

Can anyone suggest suitable clothing for a hickman line and anything they found helpful to have in their rooms?

Any help greatly received!

  • Hi again  and well done navigating over to our little corner of the community.

    We live in Inverness and my SCT unit was in Glasgow so about it’s about an 8-9hr round trip drive so understand the challenges so we had to take everything with us to cover the 4 weeks I was in the SCT unit for both my Allo SCTs….. the folks next door to us thought we were going on a world cruise…… the problem was my SCT team required me to have a complete change if cloths every day….. and night !!!!!

    This post is a place where group members have collected the things that helped them go through there time in the SCT unit - Checklist for SCT Unit and this link is taken from the Lymphoma Action site but again has some good first hand tips for the SCT process Top tips for stem cell transplants

    What type of SCT is he having?...... an Auto SCT where his Stem Cells are harvested and returned once his immune system is taken down or like myself an Allo (donour) SCT where the stem cells come from a matched donor - my big brother in my case.

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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  • Hi DK76,

    Firstly, good luck to your husband with his SCT. I had a Hickman line and found anything loose was fine (baggy t shirt). Comfort is quite important, so tracksuit bottoms / shorts. I was advised to pack 2 small cases, leave one at home, then you can replace them on a weekly basis. If your husband has a favourite pillow tell him to take that in. Often hospital bedding isn’t the comfiest. I took in ice lollies and boiled sweets to help prevent getting a sore mouth and lots of cordial to drink. I had a small fridge and kettle in my room and was given fresh milk daily, I took my own teabags. Books,tablet, music, puzzle books all help with boredom. Hope this helps and once again good luck to you both.

    Joy xx

  • Thank you Joy. I hope you are doing well now. Just want to have as much as possible with me so I can get it as and when it is needed.

  • Hi DK76 I just took along ordinary pyjamas, (which nowdays are cotton shorts and a tee shirt like top) the shirt can be a normal fit definately not tight as staff must be able to acceess the hickman line for daily bloods and of course any chemo. Polo shirts and track suit bottoms if he doesn't want to be in his night gown in the day

    My room had a we-fit to use and dvd player, also a tv of course. I took some books and a tablet which I used through my mobile, as internet was not available, this was 9 years ago.

    I personally didn,t want any visitors except my wife for fear of infection, as my bloods changed l was allowed a walk in the hospital grounds for a while but as they dropped l had to stay in isollation.

    A little cash for newspapers and treats like chocs (subject to staf okaying them) but l found the food excellent and things like ice cream was available most of the time.

    So get him to take time to interact with staff where possible, it all helps.

    Good luck with everything Bob