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I'm due to go in for my SCT in a week or 2  and I'm apprehensive  about the central line  being put in . Does this hurt? And is it easy to get put in?  Will I need to wear clothes with a low neck line? Does it leave a scar? I know these might seem silly thoughts but it's just what's  going around my head.

I also have never felt so fit and healthy as I do just now after the initial  treatment.  

  • Hi again  

    I have had 2 Hickman (Central) Lines one each for both my Allo SCTs.... although I had to get some 'repairs' done to both just before I got my cells.

    Apart from the initial sting when 'any area' of the body gets an injection to numb the area that was the extent of the pain...... I definitely have had worse experiences at the dentist....... It is more involved than a PICC line so it is seen as minor surgery but it was all done and dusted in an hour. There is a little pushing as the line goes in but the surgical team will keep your mind occupied and it will over before you know it.

    I have no scars left with any of the lines I had and Central Lines are much better than a PICC as your arm movement is not affected.

    I just wore round neck, short sleeved 'T' shirts all the time (helped when your BP was being done and this happens a lot). The line ends hang down to about belly button level and the IVs from the pumps are put on to the hanging ends and come out under your tops.

    I had showers no problem without having to protect the line as all the dressings are waterproof. the only things I had to do was no baths and not have the water from the shower head hitting the line directly.

    Make sure you have a cardigan or zip front fleece and/or a warm blanket as these rooms tend to be on the cool side due to how the air is cleaned.

    Remember to look through the following links

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    Have you been told what conditioning treatment they are going to use to take down your immune system?.... there are a few so do get back to us with that info as we can help out with first hand experiences.

    Being health going into this is great.

    Any more questions just ask away ((hugs))

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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  • Hi Sunshine1,

    I can only reiterate what Mike has said. I had a Hickman line inserted prior to SCT. They numb the area with a small injection first so the procedure is completely painless and takes only 30 minutes or so. Just wear something loose. Hope all goes well xx

  • Hi, I had a central line during my stem cell transplant. You won't feel anything, the insertion is very quick for a central line, nothing to be apprehensive about. Honestly you won't feel it. Just a little bit of pressure when the line goes in, but no pain whatsoever. You'll have no problems with it at all. You won't even know it's there. If you have a central line and you are not in hospital you can just wear a lightweight scarf around your neck if you wish. x Virginia