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Hello everyone 

I am currently waiting for my date to go in for my SCT, not knowing what to expect is daunting, I appreciate everyone is different, any advice on what to expect would be greatly appreciated. As a crafter I intent to take a bundle of crafty loveliness with me to hopefully help pass the time. Blush

  • Hi again  and welcome across to this corner of the community. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner but we have been out at our daughters...... there is normal life after SCT.

    As I said I had two Allo (Allogeneic) SCTs with stem cells from my brother. The main reason for this was that I could not be put into remission for my own stem cells to be harvested to have an Auto (Autologous)

    The positive side of having an Auto SCT is that your body is not going to see your own harvested stem cells as a danger to your body so will leave them to do their thing....... in an Allo SCT the body want to kill the donor stem cells so this can lead to complications.

    This PDF will give you lot of information about an Auto SCT.

    This link Checklist for SCT Unit will give an idea as to what some group members found helpful to have with them in hospital during SCT.

    You can click on the main ‘SCT Group’ title and this will bring up all the group posts and as always you can hit reply to see if the members are still using the site.

    You can also hit group members community names and see their stories (if they have put them up) 

    Do you know the name of the conditioning (chemo) that you will be having to take your immune system down just before you get your stem cells back?

    You will have lots of questions so do ask them and we will try and help you out.


    Mike (Thehighlander)

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