6weeks of radiotherapy and 6x chemo on the horizon

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How tired will 6 weeks of radiotherapy and 6x chemo make me I’m a floorsander and is very physical at the best of times don’t want to lose to much work as I’m self employed 

  • Hi Tricky59

    Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy can affect everyone differently and also can vary to what part of the body that is being treated and with the chemo- the type of drugs being used.

    I can understand your concerns being self employed. I wonder if it would be worth calling the Support Line and speaking to one of the financial advisors to see if there is any financial support that you can specifically claim. I did this myself during my treatments and the advice made a huge difference and meant I could focus on the treatment.

    My chemo and radiotherapy were for endometrial cancer. I was told working through treatment was not a good plan and both treatments did cause side effects that would have made it extremely difficult. Fatigue for me was a big aspect. I also had problems with nausea/eating etc. Just the travelling back and forth is tiring. With chemo as well there are also the infection risks to think about. 

    Everyone is different but you are also in a physical job so would possibly face more challenges. On the other hand being self employed might mean you could manage some days when you are feeling better. My advice would be to talk to your doctors and to get their advice and to perhaps see how the treatments affect you. A lot of the side effects can be managed with medication, I found but it was the fatigue that at times was challenging.

    I hope that your treatment goes well.



    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm