Chat, about to have breast cancer radiotherapy

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Hi, I’ve had my planning appointment this week. I was really surprised how short it was, less than 20 minutes. They were perfectly pleasant, but didn’t really say much, just said everything I’d need to know should be in the booklet, then gave me a copy of it along with a list of a week of appointments for my actual sessions starting the week after next.

It all seems so low key and I have no one to talk to really about it. Is there anyone reading this who is also about to have RT and would like to chat about it?

  • Hi  I have had over 45 sessions of radiotherapy for my blood cancer..... but the radiotherapy experience can depend on the type of cancer you have so the journey can be different...... but happy to chat.

    But you may want to put your question up on the Breast cancer group as well as this will help you connect with others who have walked the exact same treatment journey.

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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