Sabre for lung cancer

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Hello everyone. Just posting my first message on here, I am posting as a relative rather than someone with cancer themselves so I hope that is OK.

My Mum has been diagnosed with a small (1.7cm) mass in her lung that is PET active and indicative of cancer. We don't have positive histology as she turned down the biopsy as she was concerned about the potential of a collapsed lung. However, thankfully there are no nodes involved nor any secondary cancers. 

There is the possibility that she may be offered SABRE radiotherapy. I was hoping someone might be able to tell me their experience of it. Were the side-effects particularly gruelling as that is her main concern? She is 83 and relatively well, still walks her dog several times a day and drives locally. 

Many thanks


  • Hi Claire  I just noticed your post. I put SABRE radiotherapy into the search Mag tool near the top and it did bring up some hits. Put in SABRE radiotherapy and select 'Anywhere' and have a look through the posts and as always you can hit reply and see if the members are still using the site.

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