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Hello all. My dad finished his radiotherapy on 31st March. Has has cancer has the base of of his throat. Before his treatment he had to have all his teeth removed too. 
past couple of weeks he had terrible pain in his, then starting radiating to his jaw and his neck started to swell. 
he went to the GP the first time and she said it was nothing, went to the GP a second time, saw a paramedic, he said prescribed anti inflammatory for gout. We have just been for his consultant appointment who had a good luck in his mouth, felt around his face. Could see anything but said possible thrush. Apparently thrush is common post radiotherapy. And so is lymphoedema (hence the swelling). The consultant started him on some nystatin so hoping this helps him. 
But has anyway else experience this? 

  • Hi , I see its your first post so welcome to the Online Community although sorry to hear about the challenges your dad is having.

    To widen your search for other who have experienced the same post treatment issues can I suggest you consider joining our supportive Head and neck cancer group. This will be a safe place to talk to others who may have a similar diagnosis, treatment experience, to ask questions and talk with others who are supporting family and friends on their treatment pathway.

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