Vaginal bleeding

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My mixed cell ovarian cancer returned after 8 years, the sarcoma part of it as a vaginal lump. It is incurable but treatable. I had 13 sessions which finished end of July. I’ve had a discharge since. It being mucus, very watery lately and what I’m worried most about is the bleeding. I’ve been told by the sarcoma nurse and the gyno nurse that this is nothing to worry about but to keep an eye on it. It’s probably as I’m more mobile now. But I’ve booked a holiday in 5 days time as I thought I would be able to cope if the discharge didn’t get any worse but I’m getting obsessive about it. I know it’s worse and now probably won’t be able to swim. I’ve even been told that the discharge may be permanent. If I had the choice of chemo or radiotherapy I would have chose the latter which I found much easier to cope with  

Anyone out there with discharge experience?

Thanks for listening.

  • Hi . I've just dropped by and noticed you've not had a reply as yet. I myself had 3 sessions of brachytherapy so I can't offer any advice I'm sorry to say. Did you post the same thread on the Ovarian cancer group? I couldn't see a post there, might be worth asking the question there as well. The worst thing about these discharges is our CNS casually say "keep an eye on it" but for those suffering bleeds or discharge it's worrying and not so nice.

    It might be an idea to give the Macmillan Support helpline a call and speak to a nurse there, Freephone number shown below. Hopefully they'll be able to help.

    I hope it doesn't spoil your holiday.

    Hugs, B xx

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  • Thanks Mrs BJH

    Ive been looking on a few forums including the ovarian one. Even when the bleeding stops the normal discharge is incessant. I would have thought it would have lessened even if it’s permanent. Until I have my scan I guess they can’t tell me whether it’s as a result of the radiotherapy or still coming from the tumour. You didn’t get anything then with your brachytherapy?