Hello peeps, new to all this, just joined the group. Re Neck radiation effects

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I've very recently been diagnosed with a Lymphoma in the side of the neck, and its been advised to have radiotherapy of the neck - really worried about the side effects, esp permanent effects, of radiation to the neck  - has anyone got experience of the risks involved ?

  • Hi Prianka,

    I’ve just had radiotherapy to C2 vertebrae & was really sick when I got home ( physically sick) then had diarrhoea. Didn’t feel up to eating for a day or so, then slowly managed a few bits. My face was a little swollen from where the radiotherapy had gone through & a little sore. A few days after I also had an extreme headache & ended up in A&E as nothing could get rid. They gave me Dexamethasone ( steroid) & 60mg codeine to help with pain which on top of my normal 50mg Pregablin seemed to do the trick. 

    Certain smells turned my stomach too, like an air freshener or certain foods. I also got a bad burn rash on my jaw line which matched the pattern of the mask I wore. That is clearing up now after washing it regularly & using Cetraben moisturiser. My swallowing has been a little weird since but I’m going to speak to them about that soon. I’m getting there now, thankfully. I only had the radiotherapy on 16th September. 

    Everyone is different & my reaction is likely due having radiotherapy in the past. Hope you’re treatment goes ok & take care. All the best.