Starting Radiotherapy treatment tomorrow.

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I am starting radiotherapy treatment tomorrow afternoon.  I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer last September. I had eight sessions of treatment on a two weekly basis.  Five weeks after finishing treatment I had an operation to remove the remaining tumour in my left breast and two nodes from under my arm.. I’m having the radiotherapy to kill any cancer cells that may remain.  I will be having 20 sessions of radiotherapy altogether Monday to Friday with a break on Saturday and Sunday. Also because there was Cancer remaining in one of the nodes my surgeon took I’m having more chemo but this time the chemo is in tablet form.

I’m hopping that it goes ok and that I don’t have any side effects.

  • Hi  Hope radiotherapy goes well tomorrow.  I had the more intensive 5 day one and had no side effects other than tiredness which slowly improved and then passed within 2-3 weeks maybe.  Skin went a bit pink too but no pain or any other skin symptoms.  

    I moisturised the area daily with aloe vera straight from the plant - I didn't like the one out of a bottle as it didn't feel like it absorbed into the skin but just coated it.  

    Be careful when you shower not to scrub or rub the area.  I used a body wash and shampoo with no laurel sulphates as I read that somewhere but I didn't soap the breast being treated I let the soapy water from my shampoo and body wash gently wash over it.

    Hope this helps and that all goes well x

  • Hi Godwilling

    Thanks for your reply and the advice. It’s been a help.

    Best wishes


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