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I have finished my radiotherapy in may for a brain tumour. The hair area where they targeted the rays at isnt growing back. Have any of you had experience of that? Will I be likely to recover hair growth on that side? Thanks.

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    I can't answer your question but I thought I'd suggest that you also post this question in the Brain cancer forum  which I can see you've already joined.

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    1. My husband had radiotherapy for cancer of the mouth, he had a patch where his hair didn't grow, it has just started to grow back, he is grey all over except where the new hair is growing back black. He finished his treatment in June. 
  • Bizarre  isn't it ??

    After treatment my hair grew back curly ! Took a few months but did revert to the hair I knew.  Hang in there - all will be well.

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    Hi Poody,

    I can't relate to your experience, but I had radiotherapy on my groin and it stripped all the hair off.  Absolutely bald.

    It also made my skin a lot darker in that area too, but it all came back after about three months.