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Hi To You All,

I find myself here, looking for some father has been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer last November. His prognosis was anything up to 12 months with treatment. He has undergone 4 sessions of chemotherapy to which the tumor has shrunk considerably (oncologists words). They then referred to his cancer in the stomach - we were never told this, so this wasn’t great news and made us all very upset and even angry as to why we weren’t told. A different Oncologist who saw Dad, mentioned it and assumed he knew, which he didn’t.

Dad was due to start radiotherapy for 10 consecutive days but due to the Coronavirus he is now having 2 days instead but having the amount of radiotherapy his 10 days would have given him split into 2 sessions. 

Dad said it was worse than chemotherapy- he was very fortunate he didn’t suffer any side effects or even lose his hair. He said the first few hours were so painful, he was crying. He isn’t looking forward to his next and final session next week. He is a little tired but he is up and keeping a little active. Does anyone know if the side effects of radiotherapy come later on as I had read people can be bed bound and not cope well with it. Has anyone been in a similar situation and what treatment comes next as they have stated dad can’t have any further radiotherapy this is it but he could have further chemo?

Thank you xx


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    My husband was diagnosed with a small cell lung cancer in 1994 with suspect secondaries in the brain..  His Chemo was OK except he lost his hair after his first monthly cycle. and was sick for the first 3 days after he returned home for the 3 weeks..  After 3 months he began 27 days of radotherapy.  After 9 days he began to feel the effects which were mainly terrible fatitue.  He then resumed his last 3 months of Chemo and lost 2 stone in those 7 months.  He was only 55..

    Radiology is given only once but chemo can be given again if necessary. and helpful.  A lot depends on the fitness of the person at the time.  Good luck for your dad.

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    Thank You for your kind words xx