smart syndrome

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i have asked before  but thought i would ask in this group

my wife has been diagnosed with smart syndrome a rare after effect from radiation treatment

not a lot on google etc just wondering if anyone has also been diagnosed with this

it gives symptoms of a tia and or epilepsie

  • Hi 

    Sorry I can't offer you any experience of this :-/

    SMART syndrome is so uncommon you may get some advice/info if you placed this question in this Ask a Nurse area as well as this group.

    Was this due to head radiotherapy or sclc ?

    Hope you find some answers, sounds scary, G n' J

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    it has been diagnosed by a neurologist who seems to think it could have be brought on by by pci to the brain 

    we have a 6 month meeting at christies next week so asking the question

    we have asked macmillan but due to rarity they do not know much

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    just an update

    pam has been diagnosed with smart syndrome and put on an epileptic drug to help combat the attacks

    it is very rare 5 years post treatment of pci but please dont let this stop you having it if offered