Headache after radiotherapy for breast cancer

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I had my first session of radiotherapy for breast cancer today.  But not long after leaving the hospital I started with a really bad headache.  Is this common, or shall I just put it down to first day nerves?

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     Warm welcome to the club no one wants to join :-/

    This was probably down to pre-rads stress - not knowing really what to expect and the hassle of the daily journeys.

    The rads treatment these days are pinpoint accurate so even if you are having the axilla (armpit) area also treated it wouldn't have affected your head although your position could cause some neck tension ?

    Assume you are back today so fingers crossed you don't suffer the same again.

    There is a Radiotherapy Self Help discussion here in the Breast Group you should check out and join if you feel it would be helpful to you chatting with other ladies having BC radiotherapy ?

    Hope this is of some help, G n' J

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    • It was just first day nerves.  No headaches since.  Thanks G n' J. xx Heart