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Hi All

Recently diagnosed with very early breast cancer which the core biopsy removed 10 out of 12 nm of the lump at the 8 o'clock position left breast. This lump is more or less against the chest wall inasmuch I felt the needle hit my rib during one collection of tissue. I was just told about the following radiotherapy risk to my heart and lungs, specifically causing a losdible angiosarcoma. Since tbe lump was so small, 2 mammograms and 3 ultrasounds missed it, and their appears to be no lymph involvement, is radiotherapy truly necessary to "prevent further lumps developing in tbe breast"? Could a PET scan predetermine whether the radiotherapy would be necessary?

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  • Hi

    I'm sorry to read that you've recently been diagnosed with breast cancer but it's great that it's been caught really early.

    I didn't have that type of cancer or radiotherapy, so can't help with your questions, but I noticed that you hadn't had any responses yet.

    It might be an idea to also post this question in the breast cancer group, which I can see you're a member of, as they have a monthly radiotherapy thread (link).


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