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Hi all, due to start 3 weeks of radiotherapy on the 22nd. I’ve read lots about creams but could do with some recommendations from those of you who have been through it. I’ve had several operations and 12 weeks of chemo, all breast cancer related, hoping that radiotherapy will be nothing compared to our friend chemo!  

  • Hi Kaybobs welcome to the forum and well done for getting through the treatment this far well done.

    In respect of creams I personally would wait until you get to the unit and ask them as you cant use certain creams and you also cant use it before treatment  and there are special considerations for your type of skin hence why I suggest that you wait and ask the Radiographers themselves.

    Radiotherapy is a lot easier in comparison to chemo but it can leave you feeling very tired so listen to your body as you need to and rest up also drink plenty of water as it will keep your skin hydrated as Radiotherapy can dry out your skin.

    Meantime Im sending some huge big hugs your way for now. xxxx   


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  • Hi Kaybobs, I’ve just finished six weeks of radiotherapy on my left thigh. Like you, I have had a few operations on the area (due to local recurrences and haematoma). E45 is all I’ve used (and continue to use) and it has done a great job. It doesn’t make my leg look any prettier but it certainly stops the skin around the wound site from breaking down and it helps ease the inevitable dryness and itching that comes from radiotherapy. I haven’t had chemo, so I can’t comment on that but the radiotherapy has been far the easiest part of this journey. Ask your team what they think about creams - there’s a huge choice and it may well be that there is something better than E45 out there. 

    Good luck and I really hope it goes well for you. 


  • Hi Kaybobs, hope your doing ok and your first sessions have gone well. I finished 3 weeks of radiotherapy just before Christmas for breast cancer following a mastectomy and I was recommended E45 by the team for when the hospital issue cream ran out. Good luck with your next stage of treatment, xx