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This is a duplicate post from the group ‘Head and Neck Cancer’ so I apologise if I’m in breech of forum rules. Hello all, posting on a forum like this is a first for me, I usually post about games or conspiracy theories, but this is the first time I have ever posted regarding something g that is going to touch every facet of my life, something so (for the want of a better word) serious.

I was diagnosed just before Christmas with a T1 M0 N0 neck cancer, localised to the base of my tongue. Since then I have been referred to the Christie and the Professor who is managing my case took approximately 30 seconds to break the news that it was actually a T4 tumour and for reasons unknown it was still M0 N0. The treatment plan they have for me is 6 weeks of daily sessions of radiotherapy, with 2 sessions of chemo using Carboplatin. I’m frightened, I am having my mask fitted tomorrow, and treatment starts on Monday. I’m not actually sure I want to do this! I’ve read up and I’m scared. I’m not brave, everybody and I mean everybody that I’ve been exposed to at the hospital have been attentive, emphatic and understanding.
I don’t want to do it though, are there any tales here that anyone can give me that ‘it isn’t as bad as you read?’...  Because believe me people, I am very tempted to just f*ck off to a Latin American beach and drink myself to death. 

  • I had radiotherapy to the centre of my chest. Mostly I found it was just tedious, going in every day and waiting for appointments that were never quite on time. Later on I did get pain on swallowing food which I imagine you will get too so I ate a lot of cheesy mashed potato and jelly desserts. But in hindsight in the big scheme of things it wasn't really for very long and it got rid of the cancer. I had 6 cycles of chemo before the radiotherapy and that was doable too.

    Good luck and give it a go.