Mom about to start targeted radiotherapy

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Hi my mom has been given a prognosis of around 3 months having battled stage 4 rectal cancer for over 18 months. She has been offered radiotherapy purely to provide pain relief. However she is now at a point where she is extremely tired all of the time. This may be because of the morphine. Getting out of bed is a huge effort and she rarely gets changed out of her nightclothes. I’m worried about the side effects of Radiotherapy as I’ve heard it causes tiredness - will she be asleep all the time?  And I’ve also heard it causes paralysis so may render her incontinent.  Will it be worth it really as she doesn’t have much time left.  We have consultant appointment this Friday but I don’t wAnt to worry my mom by asking all of these questions in front of her. 

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    As I can’t edit I should add that the radiotherapy is for pain relief only as cancer has spread quite a lot

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