Practical hints and tips to help with radiotherapy treatment

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Hello, I am new. A close family member is about to start radiotherapy for vaginal cancer. What practical things can we do as a family to support her?

Thank you. 

  • Hello and a warm welcome to the community. Great to know you are here to support your family . As a man, I am not best placed to answer your question, but I have had my fair share of pelvic radiotherapy. The main side effect of RT is tiredness, so any practical help with things your family member usually does would help. If it is daily radiotherapy, then assistance with transport is a help. Many centres offer a volunteer car service. For the first few weeks, there are usually no real side effects, but the effects build up over time. The actual treatments are relatively short, usually less than 20 mins. I see you have joined the Vagina Group where you will get more specific answers. I notice you have had a reply there. Click the highlighted link to get back there. If you have any problems navigating the site, the click the reply button below and shout out. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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    Thank you for getting in touch. I though it would be tiredness that would floor you as well as the intimate nature of where the cancer is. 

    Thanks for advice re navigation. I am sure I will be back for help.