Radiotherapy and going on holiday.

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I have a lumpectomy booked for 14th November as I have caught my lump early it’s pre cancerous but will require radiotherapy. 10 weeks after my operation I have a holiday booked on a cruise of South Africa do you think this is still a possibility?



  • Hi / Sarah,

    To give you an idea of timescales for me when I had my lumpectomy: six weeks later I had my CT scan for radiotherapy and 8 weeks after my operation I started radiotherapy.  However, radio is there as a 'mop up' for any potential stray cells that may have been missed so the 'belts and braces' after being confirmed that the cancer has gone. 

    Once you have had your operation you will be advised regarding clear margins achieved etc. so timescales can always change anyway.  Quite often the timescales discussed by Macmillan etc are "3-4 weeks after surgery" but quite clearly it was a lot longer for me. If it is 3-4 weeks for you then you will have finished it (usually 3 weeks - 15 sessions).  But it may be worth telling your oncologist that you have a holiday booked and as long as it's not for a couple of months!, then I am sure they will be fine with a week or two delay if it was going to happen during your holiday time. I have a vague memory of one of the radiologists saying something about 6 months after the op being the optimum time for radio. (I might be wrong on that though - but it seems to be in my mind).

    I expect the holiday will do you more good mentally than anything else! 

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