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Hi. I'm so glad I came across this group as I have an appointment tomorrow to discuss RT.

After having Rectal biopsy's ( 4 in total ) since last year.  First 2 were tested positive, 3rd came back with clear margins & now the 4th done on 13th Sep has come back positive CC. was advised the first 2 were  AIN grade3  & was told it was from the skin cancer family , then suggested HPV ( I'm still not sure?) I was told that they were very surprised by the results & didn't quite know what to do with me ..Then I was referred to Sanjay in Bournemouth, as it was considered he was more knowledgable in these results & had the ability to actually see any cancer cells with his equipment he uses & was a good chance that he could monitor me.

He took my 3rd biopsy and had a look , said it looked okay & results were clear. 

My most recent biopsy ( which I'm still trying to recover from & it's seems to be taking longer & more painful than the other 3, (which were bad enough in themselves ) The consultant said that he felt he'd got rid of all of it, of what was there. Anyway, results came back positive and now I'm being sent to Discuss RT.

I'm in bits emotionally & havent got a clue what to expect, so its good to read these posts  & not even sure if I want to go down that rd ?? I will post tomorrow to say how it went. dreading it , completely . 

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    I'm sorry to hear how much you've been through and that you're wondering whether to have radiotherapy or not.

    I don't have any experiences with this to share with you but I noticed that your post hadn't had any replies. This could be because no one in this group has had the same experiences as you or just that the right person hasn't seen your post yet.

    It may be an idea to also post this in the anal cancer group, which I see you're a member of, as I'm sure the people in that group will understand both what you've been through and what decisions you might have to make.

    I hope your discussion went well yesterday and that you came away with the answers you need to make an informed choice.


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    hi. Thank you for your message. it's much appreciated . The app went well thank you & the dr I saw was lovely & fully covered everything I needed to know , He explained everything which helped . Waiting to have scans before any decision made about what's needed & I'll go from there. 

    Sorry its took so long to respond, but I'm still struggling with after effects of the biopsy, oddly it's taking longer than the previous ones i had to heal.  Still in pain & unfortunately had diarrhoea for 2 days, all cleared now though thank goodness. Worst at the moment is too paranoid to go out ,as I've become attached to the need to be within  close range to my bathroom..... 

    Thanks again. I think I may be feeling to negative right now & understand that no one on these groups needs to read my Self pitying message. Think that's why I'm going to stop posting until I hopefully get in a more positive frame of mind . Sick of myself even right now . Take care & thanks again. 

  • No need to apologise for the time taken to get back to me and I'm glad that I was able to help in some small way.

    Good news that the appointment went well and everything you wanted to know was explained to you. Not such good news though to hear that you're still in pain and wanting to stay close to a loo!

    Also please don't feel that you can only post when you're feeling positive. You can post when you're feeling at your lowest or just want to have a general rant and there'll always be someone around to talk to you.


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