Radiotherapy - post treatment experiences

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I wanted to compare my post radiation treatment experience with anyone else who has gone through, or is going through, the long 8 week wait for a scan.

I am now 16 days on from my last radiotherapy treatment. I'd had the 5 week programme of a treatment each week day with 6 chemo tablets on the same day. I have a tumour in my anus and it has caused me a lot of discomfort type pain which has got steadily worse. During the treatment I was getting a lot of burning type pain which I would get at night and which was obviously as a result of the radiotherapy.  I use pain relief to control it such as morphine liquid and tablets and Pregabalin and it is now at the stage where it is acute on some days and then I hardly have any pain on other days. I have been told that the radiation continues to work for several weeks after the treatment ends as the cells in the tumour split and divide, with the good ones rebuilding themselves and the bad cancerous cells shrinking and dying. I am hoping that the pain I am still experiencing is the tumour shrinking, however, I am worried that its just the tumour reminding me it is still there and is alive and well and living happily. 

The other issue is I was led to believe that I would have discharge from my anus which would include blood and other detritus from the tumour itself, however, I have had nothing like that. All I get is a discharge in the form of very soft fluid and again this is leading me to believe that the tumour hasn't been effected at all by the treatment.

I realise your mind can play tricks with what is and what isn't happening and you can become neurotic over whether the treatment is working or not , but I thought I would just put my experience out there and see if anyone has had a similar experience, and can shed any light on this long period where we have to wait for the scan.