using crutches after a mastectomy

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I have breast cancer; 2nd time in 5 years.  I will have a mastectomy, left side only.  I also use a crutch on the left side.  I have a Loftstrand crutch, but I prefer to use a 'newer' type where my forearm is parallel to the ground (a Loftstrand crutch hurts my hand; I have joint issues).  With limited arm use early post-op, I'm at a loss as to how I'll get around.  I live alone (I have a supportive partner, but he works a lot) & I'll need to return to work ASAP.  I'm not in the UK now so I won't have that support.  Key point - I am ... well involved... with my health care professionals, but the support is more limited (I posted this question to 'Ask an Expert' & got an unhelpful 'ask your hospital team' response).  Any ideas??

  • Hi  sorry to hear about your challenges..... and suppose my reply will be as equally unhelpful.

    As you are not in the UK it's hard for anyone to give you any good or even helpful advice....... When I needed walking aids the physiotherapist made sure I had the correct equipment before I left my cancer unit......... but this is our good old, very stretched NHS.

    You could try posting on our Living with Cancer outside the UK group and see if you get any replies....

    I do hope that you find a way forward.

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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  • Hi Mike (Thehighlander), Thank you, I was hoping someone had some off-beat tricks (I sometimes do in various situations...)  I'll head over to that group.  Then I'll get a lottery ticket so I can hire a body-builder to carry me around!  ;) .  & yes, I will continue to advocate for myself with my health care providers.