Is there anyone in Carmathanshire or Pembrokshire South Wales spare me a few minutes?

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Anyone able to let me know how easy accessing treatment is? I hear the only radiography place is in Swansea.

I am looking ot move somewhere quiet...But do not drive and will be living alone! I do not have cancer but come from a family where multiple members each have multiple cancers. I am gene free so this could just be very bad luck.

Is this an idea I should abandon?

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    Deciding where you want to live can be a balancing act if you want to live somewhere quiet and don't drive. 

    As I don't live in the areas of Wales that you're looking at moving too, I don't know which hospitals there have radiotherapy departments. Possibly a good starting point would be to use a search engine like Google to see what facilities the hospitals in the areas that you are interested in living in offer.

    I hope your house hunting goes well


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