I keep putting off writing a will

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I am 34 and was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour last year I am having chemotherapy but I know it’s not going to be cured. 
I do think I should write a will and I trained as a lawyer so I can do it myself - it’s not complicated but for some reason keep putting it off 

2 reasons that come to mind are

I just want my property to pass as it would under intestacy anyway 

getting 2 witnesses will be a faff as I live with next of kin and I’d have to find others and I don’t want to get into conversation why I want them to witness a will

anyone else experienced this

  • Hi charlotteLG

    I had written my will long before I was diagnosed with cancer so I haven't been in exactly the same position as you. As a will can be written at anytime, and not just when you're ill, I don't think you need to explain anything that you don't want to to any witness.

    Take care


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  • I keep putting it off too but I think my reason is psychological.  It may sound so illogical but I feel like I am fighting to stay alive and if I do my will it will feel like I'm giving up and cancer will take over.

    Even as I write it, I know it sounds crazy but.........