Make sure your talking to the right person.

My husband who is my sole carer has a rule that before setting out to get advice make sure your talking to the right person. So although I am a haematology patient my doctor is not a expert on pain relief and any advice he can give me is quite limited, so this is why engaging with palliative services is important as your cancer progresses. I had the most illuminating conversation with my hospice palliative care doctor about my pain control, I discovered that there are many other drugs than I’d previously been prescribed that as a patient with dialysis dependant kidney failure would be much more effective for me, mainly because they are cleared by the liver rather than the kidneys. My kidney doctor is a little bit better as he seems to have some basic knowledge about my type of cancer, it’s why you almost have to be your own consultant and pick and choose who to get your guidance from. So never be afraid to seek out the experts as it can definitely bring results.   

  • Thank you, this is really great advice


    Call the helpline for free on 08088080000, 8am to 8pm everyday.
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