I bought a waistband thinking it may disguise my bag a little when I'm out and about, I am normally 36 trousers and the waist band is up to 40  just feel if I put it on over an empty bag it would be fine, but would be worried if the bag was to try to fill as im not sure it would be flexible enough, anyone have any experience with a waistband please 

  • Hi Dave 

    I bought two of those early days and I was worried about squashing it but it was okay short term when I was out. But one of them rolls and it’s so annoying. I’ve given up and wear looser clothes. I find jeans with Lycra really good. My hubby has them too so they’re available for men. 
    Give them a try at home. I’m an ileostomy so empty two hourly anyway and the one of them was good. Hope yours isn’t a roller. 

    Best Wishes

    Artsie Ann 

  • Hello Dave,

    I was supplied with one of these to support a hernia.  It is a fully flexible belt fastened by a wide Velcro patch to one side.  It also has the cosmetic effect you and Artsie describe.  In wear it rides up, so I was supplied with a smaller one.  However, despite the manufacturer's implications both seem to, eventually, cause leaks.  The manufacturers actually offer belts with holes to allow the stoma to be without pressure, the pouch being set outside, which suggests to me that this is a known problem. (I really couldn't imagine how this could work at changing time so declined.)

    As to the cosmetic effect, in fifteen months of use I've not found this to be a worry.  We are conscious of the pouch, especially early on, and when we look down we can see the bulge.  But that's not the same as head-on.  Of course very slim-fitting clothes might reveal it, but have you ever detected a pouch on someone even if you had reason to believe there was one there?  Staring a peoples' groins is still not popular.

    I note that Artsie, as well as you, mentions wearing these belts cosmetically to go out and I think that's important to note.    The pressure to compress the pouch is the same all round and 'out' can be a long time .  For a hernia they should be worn continuously and I can assure you that I soon learnt what the ladies meant when they used to say 'my girdle's killing me'. I didn't need that what with everything else ;-)            

  • Hi Bagpuss I agree 100% about others not noticing the bag.and the fact that we are looking at it from a different angle to the casual observer.

    We ladies are lucky because there are lots of "big knickers"available,so we dont need to purchase anything special.they are not even ugly,lots of lovely ones and lots of choice.I cant speak for you gentlemen however but Im sure you have investigated what is available.