Diet for ileostomy

Can anyone recommend where I can find out what foods I can eat with an ileostomy. I’m 7 weeks post surgery 



  • Hi Lett66

    Theres lists of food to eat and foods to avoid. 
    My diet was low fibre and beige. I kept a food diary which helped me to add food and see what the reaction was

    White bread and pasta, puddings and custard can become boring after a while. I lived on white bread salted butter fish finger sandwiches with mayo for about six weeks. 

    I remember my first cooked breakfast with tinned tomatoes and a few beans was such a treat 
    I can eat most things. Soft leaf salad with cucumber peeled and seeds removed(because it makes soggy salad)radishes  peppers makes a colourful plate. Fish, meat chewed well. 
    Avoid skins, seeds and nuts. Though I can eat nuts if I feel like chewing excessively. 
    Introduce slowly and see how it goes. 
    The one thing I loved was sweetcorn most don’t. That I really miss and there’s no way I can risk it ! 

    Best Wishes

    Artsie Ann 

  • Thank you Ann. I get worried about it and it confuses me then I can’t be bothered with it. I love mushrooms and olives but they might block it so I avoid them. Jacket pots the skins the best when crispy. Seedy bread and salads. Spicy foods.  Now I’ve just had my first cycle of chemo yesterday and can’t have cold. Where I’d just go in to the fridge to snack I can’t even do that now. I sound like I’m moaning. I should be greatful I’m here. 
    Thanks for your reply. 


  • Artsie has given ideas for food.I would just like to add.Look forward to the week off chemo, when you can eat cold food with no bother.I always made sure I had an ice cream to look forward too that week(with no throat spasm) bliss

    My stoma nurse said her mantra was"if its white its right"but you can soon start to add in other foods.try a small amount and see how it goes.Im almost 3 yrs in and only miss out sweetcorn and baked potato skins.maybe thats just me being a wimp.

    All the best


  • Hi Let

    Im like you anything that may block I avoid and I’ve substituted things I love like sweetcorn by a colourful crunchy soft leaf salad. It’s lovely to have colourful food. I add seeded skinned cucumber, pepper, spring onions and radishes. All of that colour brightens my day 

    Though I’m back on beige as I’ve got Covid and that’s a diet suppressor 

    Best Wishes

    Artsie Ann