Panceatic neuro endocrine (small cell) tumour

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Shortened, non medical version is "****"!!. However, the news hit us in October07 and we are still fighting and still enjoying whatever we can and have a good laugh most days. We are very happily married, in the prime of our lives (mid 40's), wonderfull kids and everything going for us. It is my husband who is the "patient" but all the experiences we have gone through in the past & months are "ours" and we think we have done very well to get this far. We are told that this is a particularly rare type of cancer with a normal survival rate to depress even the most optimistc of people. We still have a great passion for life and although are not in denial of the truth, we don't let it completely run our life.
I don't have any idea what posting this note will lead to, I guess after 7months of being practical, positive, strong and loving( I am his wife, not his nurse), I am feeling tired and frightened as the downhill path unwinds ahead of us.
I guess I need a little help and support to carry on with the next stages from somebody out there who understands?
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    Hi Huntonfan

    Thinking of you. Stay strong.

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    My dad was diagnosed with the same over a year ago and has been on treatment for a year that we've just found out hasn't been working. His tumours have grown considerably and i'm heart broken. I hope you are still doing well and still have your husband with you. Sending love and prayers to you . xx