Mesiothelioma of the abdomen

My husband, who was a lecturer in Biochemistry, died last year aged 73yrs of mesiothelioma of the abdomen. This diagnosis did not appear on his death certificate as this was determined after his death by histology on a piece of tumour removed. His death certificate showed that he died of Metastatic Carcinoma (Unknown Primary).

He was ill for a short time and died not knowing that he was suffering from cancer. He had been diagnosed in hospital as suffering from constipation, was treated accordingly but died within 8 days, a few hours after having an operation for a cancer that showed up on an MRI scan that day.

It is a mystery how he was in contact with asbestos - in the laboratory or in a building.

A solicitor was going to take up the case but, as I felt that this was appeared to be mercenary and would not bring back my husband, I decided not to proceed.

Perhaps I should have carried on with the investigation as the "not knowing" is always with me.
  • Dear Lingdales

    Can I just say how sorry I am for your sad loss

    If you now have questions surrounding your husbands illness then I feel your not settled and therefore you should find out the answers.

    These answers may help you to feel more at peace and could help someone in the future
    Best wishes
    God bless

  • I know finding out and getting financial settlement doesn't seem right but a laboratory is one of the places I have read where people get mesothelioma and if you have had a diagnosis after he passed away I would recommend you get in touch  with Irwin Mitchell as they were fantastic at helping me and my husband I know money can't bring him back but justice can also be done I hope this helps ??

    sending you love and best wishes at this awful time it is a really bad cancer with little or no hope the mesothelioma society are also invaluable take care