MRI Results On Your Own Computer

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Actually, that would also mean on a friend's computer or somebody else's computer, if you are not so good with a computer yourself. It also would depend on the policy of the medical facility about giving/selling you the disk with the MRI results. At the facility where I am treated the disk is 1,300 yen regardless of how many tests results are added to the disk. One I have has three tests and the latest one has only a single test, but still cost 1,300 yen. I suppose that could be construed as the disk isn't so cheap. I think there is also a law involved that requires the medical facility to enable you to receive such information, if you ask for it. Not so sure about that, though.

BUT I first need some feedback from the staff here, please.

The search results for all forums was 11,172 for the term "MRI" in your site's search engine and just 29 for this 'Discussion Forum' I am presently posting on. I didn't check all 11 thousand plus results, obviously. But I did go through many pages and found no instructions that match what I intend to offer here. My question to the staff is whether I missed an instruction thread or page on the ability to not only receive the MRI disk from the medical professionals/facility, but also how to read it? How to use it?

It really is not that hard to do and can have great benefit, if you are being seen by a medical facility that is very, very busy and doctors don't have enough time to truly study your MRI results. That may read as being a bit crass, but I can attest to that exact problem at the medical facility that tends to my medical situation. So if it is possible in my case, it may very well be the same for many other people around the planet.

So what does the admin team here think about this?

I'm not sure if you may feel I am some sort of con artist, but I am not. Have nothing to sell. Am not interested in stealing anything. No con here. Just an honest effort to share some knowledge about a very important tool medical professionals use to help us cancer-bug-bitten folks (CBB Folks).

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