Treatment for anal pre cancerous cells Ain2/3 - anyone been here?

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I was wondering if anyone was in a similar boat right now and looking for buddies / people to share info with as this seems to be a bit of an understudied area. I am a 40 year old woman with no known problems with immunity such as recent organ donation or hiv etc who has a diagnosis of “at least ain2”, meaning the second possible level of three degrees of pre cancerous cell changes in the anus. I am under the care of Homerton hospital and I have started treatment with aldara. The MDT are discussing my case at their next meeting in early December and I may be considered for laser treatment. I know my AIN2 is hpv 16 related, hpv 16 being the strain most associated with anal cancer.

I am trying to learn as much as I can about this condition but most studies seem to be on men or people with HIV and I am unsure how relevant they are to me.  I do not know what the chances of the aldara cream being effective at clearing the AIN really are, or the laser treatment, or whether it is possible to keep going for laser treatment multiple times or what the odds are of it developing to cancer despite treatment.  I was quite anxious when it was first diagnosed but now just feel really keen to learn as much as possible.
Is anyone or has anyone been in a similar position? Would love to have a fellow traveller if so!