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  • Sorry don't know how to start a new lead.

    Several members of our book club are supporting a friend with bowel / colon cancer, now spread to liver and suspected lungs. She's had 53 .... rounds of chemo but we're picking up very definite downhill changes. Her husband is totally involved, but we're heard his health is obviously also being negatively effected. They are recently retired, mid 60's and moved about an hour away, so it's not easy to pop in, but we're thinking a couple of us could go and take her out for coffee or treats when she feels up to it.

    I've cut and pasted several of your articles to share with our group, mani- pedi in Feb and buying the next few book club reads in March. I like the idea of bath salts, hand creams and audio books and I loved the suggestion that we ask her what she wants.... dud why didn't we think of that? But is there anything more you can suggest, at lunch today, we're all feeling out of our depth and need to tap into existing resources.

  • Hi  and welcome to the Online Community but so sorry to hear about your friends but great that you are all doing your best to support them.

    The Community is actually divided into many support groups (discussion rooms) so can I recommend you also join and post in our general Family and friends support group where you will connect with others dealing with the same challenges in doing their best to support family and friends.

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