Dating with cancer

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Hi, I'm totally new to this, but wondered if there was such thing as a dating site for people with cancer at all? I am a single 40 year old woman who would like to meet someone and wondered if anyone knew of anything please? Would like to still have a love life despite my condition! Many thanks 

  • Hi Esmol welcome to the forum. My question is why on this site as Cancer hopefully does not define who you are so hopefully people will want to meet you despite Cancer for all the reasons people meet others who they have relationships with.

    Unfortunately this is not an area that is happening on this site but there are many other sites in the mainstream where you can go on and meet others that way and don't let Cancer define who you are. 


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    Hi thanks for your response.  I was thinking more that meeting someone in a similar position may be more amenable to meeting someone with potentially life limiting conditions and/or is willing to accept someone with the side effects of treatment etc. Worth asking anyway. Thanks