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Hi - I am new to this group. I had a lumpectomy ten days ago and went to buy a bra last week. It was hard enough to find a shop that sold them. Seemed sensible to get measured and try on to find one that felt comfortable but in a few shops the assistants gave me blank looks and told me to go online which was depressing. A friend said I wouldn't be charged for the VAT but the guy in the very well known department store that did have one thought I was making it up when I asked him atbout the VAT thing at the till. It made a difficult experience even worse. Has anyone else had this problem? Any advice on where I should and where shouldn't I shop? 

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    I can see that you've posted this question in two of the breast cancer groups as well as here. Dreamthief has replied to your posts and clicking here will take you to his reply.


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