emotional meltdown after finishing the treatment

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After 7 seriously gruelling sessions of Chemo to shrink my bowel cancer followed by major surgery, I was told that the cancer had been removed and my bloods showed clear. I  was to undertake 5 more chemo treatments . After the first one I was hit by a tsunami both  emotionally and physically. I also got extreme Neurapathy in my feet and was unable to walk for a few days and although it has improved slightly it shows no signs of going away. I decided that i truly could not do any more Chemo . Having fought for a year and not relented in my positivity  all of a sudden i was a heap on the floor.

although the oncology dept were fine with my decision I now feel as though they have pushed me out to sea on a raft with no support . Suddenly when I am actually feeling mentally worse than ever it feels like there is no one to talk to. I cannot keep moaning to my family and friends, who have been so amazing, as most think that because I have been given such a good diagnosis I should be upbeat and getting on with it. getting a doctors appointment these days is almost impossible.

I'm sure im not alone in this but shouldn't this be something taken into account when one is signed off from oncology?

  • Hello Woods Girl

    Sorry to read you're going through such a difficult time. 

    Can I ask if you have a named support nurse (CNS)? I would phone him/her and ask for support, let them know you are struggling. Counselling should be available for you...at least, it is in my hospital.

    Accessing support through your GP can take longer, but they do have resources too.

    Any Macmillan or Maggie's Centre will also have lots of practical support...you can call in, or use the Macmillan helpline. My local centre has a course on 'After Treatment Finishes' which might be helpful for you. I gather it is quite common to feel 'abandoned' after treatment has finished. 

    You do not have to go through hard times on your own!

    You have done so well to get through all your treatment and surgery...that must have taken a lot of determination and inner strength. It's good too that you have the support of family and friends.

    I hope things improve for you soon



  • Hi woods girl,  wonderful news your treatment has worked so well and i totally understand your decision to stop chemotherapy, It' a decision only you can make. Being cast adrift after treatment  and your support lines being cut is not unusual, when i finished radiotherapy I was given a sheet of paper with very basic advice and told someone will call me in 3 months. There is support out there and just takes a little time to find it. To start you could phone the Macmillan helpline 0808 808 00 00 they know lots of local support groups, or there's Maggie's www.maggies.com if you have a local one, you can pop in 9am to 5pm weekdays no appointment needed, best wishes.

    Eddie xx