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I have finished my treatments, including a colorectal resection for bowel cancer and have been informed that I’m now cancer free. I have a temporary Ileostomy Stoma and I’m dealing with a new way of living with a bag. My concern is that I’ve become really angry and fly off the handle at my nearest and dearest for the most trivial reasons . I don’t like the person I’ve become and I really need to change. Has anyone else experienced a change in their tolerance levels towards their loved ones. It’s crazy because they have been my rock through treatment and are them most loving and kind partner you could ever wish for.

  • I completely understand your feelings. I had the same op and my tolerance levels are nil. Anger and rage at people who are my rock. I learned to thrash my anger out at the pool. I needed a release. I swim most days and feel calmer. I find fault with everything and this is just not me. I believe cancer changes us. Yes we get a second chance but my life is not the same. People don't understand the after effects of cancer as well as the mental scars it leaves. 

    Try, I know it's hard to look for some positives. I only need to read some posts on here to realise that I have been lucky. Maybe reach out to macmillan on here for some counselling. 

    I hope you can get some help and continue with your recovery xx

  • Hey, just seen your post and i can totally relate. i have HER2+ breast cancer and had a mastectomy recently. I will need to continue treatment for next 5 years. I think that whilst we go through diagnosis, operations and treatment we are in a whirlwind with no time to really digest that we have cancer and what is happening. Then all of a sudden appointments stop and all emotion hits at once and its overwhelming. Getting angry, upset, anxious, struggling with body image and depression. Its really hard and trust me ive said some things i didnt mean to my other half when ive had these waves decend upon me. Ive reached out to cancer nurses for therapy as i need it.. My partner doesnt understand at all and it hurts. 

    Stay strong and best wishes for you