Feeling low

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Im 4 weeks post op hysterectomy following diagnosis of endometrial cancer in Feb. 

  1. I'm still waiting for the histology and treatment plan.

I'm just wondering if it's normal to be feeling so low with myself. I thought I would feel stronger by now, but I just feel really uncomfortable. 

My wounds have healed well, however I'm experiencing a lot of discomfort in my abdomen which I think is due to wind. This is getting me down and I feel restless/weepy all the time because of it. Plus my sleep is compromised as I can't get into a comfortable position 

  • Has anyone had similar feelings or got any advice 
  • Hi

    I had my hysterectomy on the 13 Feb. I struggled sleeping as I couldn’t get comfortable. My friend suggested that I tried a maternity pillow……what a game changer that was. I had open abdominal surgery as my womb was too big to do keyhole. 
    I am now 8 weeks post op and although I’m not fully recovered I’d say I’m about 90%. I noticed a huge change a couple of days before the 6 week mark. I’m driving again and have started doing a lot more within the house, even managed to do a small shop on my own. 

    Have you got an appointment yet to go to hospital?


  • Hello Jo

    Thank you for your reply. I was supposed to go for my post op meeting with the surgeon tomorrow but I've been informed the histology has not been reported on so its been rearranged for 18th April. 

    I guess that's what's weighing on my mind a lot. I just feel such a mess. I feel scruffy weak and uncomfortable wherever I put myself. I haven't been sleeping well at all. I have the maternity pillow which is great. I just get very restless at night and overthink everything. 

    I'm just really weepy now. I think I just go over everything that has happened in the last few months and feel ovewhelmed by it all. I'm glad to hear that by 6weeks you felt stronger.

    1. I'll use that as a positive thought today x

    Did you experience all these grumbly bowel/tummy sounds/discomfort . I thought that would have settled by now?


  • Hi

    Your timeline for your appointment will be similar to mine. It is so easy to let your mind wonder. It is an awful time having to wait for results, I found it difficult. It’s only another week, make a list of questions you want to ask. I felt writing them down made it wasn’t constantly going round in my head. 
    Yes I still feel swollen now but was advised that could take some time to settle down. Moving about helps, I never sit for more than an hour at a time and I drink plenty of juice. That seems to help. I can remember thinking that between weeks 3-4 there wasn’t a lot of improvement, but in reality that was because the improvement in the first few weeks was more evident. Hang in there, it will improve.


  • Thank you Jo. That's all very reassuring and I will definitely write down questions to take to the post op clinic.

    Thank you for your advice x

  • Someone suggested chewing gum to help with bowels, may be worth a try. 

    Regarding how you are feeling emotionally, I always advocate acknowledging that it is ok to feel rubbish as cancer is not fair and I know I put pressure on myself to feel relieved they have got rid of it (or at least they have taken the womb away). 

    You don't mention your age, so I don't know if you were already menopausal, if not, the surgical menopause caused me some tricky moments. 

    It is also natural to feel down when you are not able to live your normal life from a recovery perspective, that's without the pressure of the horrendous wait for results. 

    Keep talking, I found the online chat on the support line invaluable, there is also the phone support line if you feel like talking x

  • Thank you.  I'll definitely give the gum a try . Anything to calm this grumbly tummy down.  In answer to your question I'm 53 and have gone through the menopause.  I was on hrt but came off it during all the investigations.  I think I am having hot flushes though.. and maybe the emotional issues are related too. As you say talking helps and already the kind responses I've had have made me feel better today.  Thank you xx

  • Hi,I think you will feel much better once your results are back and you have a treatment plan.One of the ward dr’s told me it was common to feel over emotional post op which I found reassuring.I had to take in sugar free chewing gum to help stimulate the bowels it’s worth trying it.Love and best wishes Jane x

  • Thank you Jane.

    I'm definitely going to try the gum.

    I agree that once I get the treatment plan I'll know what I'm dealing with and can move forward. 

    Thank you for your advice xx