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Hi everyone ! 

bit of background info :

May ‘23 diagnosed with Testicular cancer 

June 23 left testicle removed and 1 shot of chemo . Sorted 

then from follow up scans the oncologist noticed spots on my liver and was concerned as the tumour had in my testicle shouldn’t have spread like that .

had colonoscopy in July 23 that proved I had bowel cancer (separate from testicular )

what followed apart from all the scans and blood test was 5 sessions of radiotherapy and then 4 cycles of chemotherapy.  More scans followed which showed the tumours had shrunk enough for surgery so ……

December ‘23 I had bowel resection to remove part of my bowel and then the remains stitched back so no need for a stoma bag . Further scans in new year had shown that liver tumour had shrunk a bit more so last week I had liver resection to remove the remaining 2 tumours . Resulting in no tumours on my body ! Which of course I am so so happy about . 

however yesterday I had a complete emotional meltdown and could stop crying for 30 mins . It was like a wave of emotion just came flooding over me . Like my mind going ‘ what the hell was the last 8 months about buddy !’ 

I guess when your going through each stage of treatment , you never really have time to take stock or breath it’s always getting over then next hurdle be it radiotherapy, chemo , major surgeries .

does anyone else feel like this at the back end of their treatment ? 

I am generally a positive person and the oncologist has always been positive with me and given me a positive prognosis so I should be over the moon but just feel drained with no motivation ! 

thanks for listening 

Jim x 

  • Hi Jim and well done in beating your cancer, as you say cancer and everything that comes with it takes over your life, not just the physical side cut more so your emotional side which we try to control as we think getting emotional during treatment won't help, so our emotions just build up and up and when treatment is over and you have much more time for yourself all the emotions you have been keeping down come out. A lot of people feel lost after treatment for cancer as it takes over your life then suddenly nothing, no Drs, hospitals or tests so we think about what we have just been through and what could have been and as you say a meltdown occurs. Jim this is normal, could happen again too, my advice is don't try to hold your emotions in, just let them out It's what your body needs and you feel better for it. I find exercise helps my energy levels and motivation, take care.


  • Eddie,

    many thanks for your reply . Everything you said was spot on . I am conscious that I will probably have another wave of emotions which is natural as you say and I’m just focussing on myself and recovering from surgery physically but mentally as well .

    thanks again 


  • No thanks needed, but appreciated,  take care.